VSHOW Beam Moving Head Light T913 420W

Step into the spotlight with VSHOW's T913 420W Beam Moving Head Light. In this article, we delve into its cutting-edge technology and dynamic performance, setting new standards in stage lighting excellence.


V-Show T913 Potency Beam Lamp 420w Sharpy Beam Lights DMX Moving Head Lights 420w Beam Bulb

Lamp technical parameters

Input Voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Output Voltage: V1:48V (master board), V2:24V (cooling fan) , V3:380V (lamp) 

Power consumption: 560 W

Power supply: 600W

Light source: USHIO NSL420S (4000 hours)

Color temperature: 7600K

Diameter of optic lens: 200mm

Beam angle: 1.2°

Color wheel: 1 color wheel, 13 fixed colors, 4 color effects, white, two-way 

rainbow effect

Static gobo: 18 gobos plus 1 white circle

Electronic frost effect

Prisms: equipped with 8 prisms, 6 rows of prisms, 16 prisms, 48 prisms, and

achieving 8 combination effects

can be stacked and rotated in both directions

DMX Channel: 16/21CH

Operate mode: DMX512, Auto, master/slave, RDM

Electric focusing system

Outstanding strobe effect with variable speed

0–100% smooth dimming 

Control panel: LCD Touch screen

Overheating self-energy protection bulbs, extending lamp life

X-axis rotation angle: 540°

Y-axis rotation angle: 270°

Three phase motor with SY Brand

XY axis magnetic coding positioning is more accurate

Power Outlet: Power Connector Input

Signal Outlet: standard 3 Pin XLR, 5 pin XLR socket

Installation: 2x fast-lock folding clamp

Fixture size: 424.2x282.2x733.3mm

This beam lamp adopts an imported light source, featuring large aperture and

high light efficiency. The 1.2 ° beam angle can release sharp, bright, full,

and powerful penetration, forming a strong visual impact effect. The rich color

wheels and Gobo color wheels provide excellent macro and dynamic color

effects. Equipped with 6 rows of prisms, 8 prisms, 16 prisms, and 48

Honeycomb prisms can combine 8 effects and can be rotated and stacked in

both directions. The prisms have a large angle, clear and sharp lines, and wide

area, and can create bright and varied beam effects. Dual-chip strobe, variable

frequency flash speed, linear dimming, and the shell is made of

high-temperature and flame-retardant materials, which can meet the needs of

various outdoor and high-altitude places



Effect wheel :



light bar led
light bar led
led par light
led par light
led light par
led light par
stage lighting equipment
stage lighting equipment
moving head light
moving head light
led par can stage lights
led par can stage lights

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