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The company's business all over the world, we also have established logistics and warehouse system in Europe and US. In the near further, the company strive to build global local after-sales service system as well.

Our goals to provide high -quality and low cost stage lighting equipment for global stage artists, and established completely local service system. To come true real integration of production. Marketing and service, be a close housekeeper for customers.

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Tailored to your industry

VSHOW with well developed pro lighting for concerts, live show, bars, clubs, hotel, churches, stadiums and weddings.

Bishops, pastors, singers, DJ are all using VSHOW.

live show
Live show
3W Laser And Battery Light

3W Laser And Battery Light

Partnering with VSHOW means gaining access to not only top-of-the-line stage lighting solutions but also unparalleled customer support and expertise, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

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24PCS Pl4003 LED Pixel Tube+2PCS CSF650 Spark Machine from Customized Stage Lighting Project
These high-quality LED tubes and spark machines are meticulously designed to create a stunning and dynamic lighting effect on the stage.
24PCS Pl4003 LED Pixel Tube+2PCS CSF650 Spark Machine from Customized Stage Lighting Project
Aura lights Project
Whether it's a concert, theater production, or any other stage production, our customized lighting solution will bring an unparalleled level of excitement and atmosphere to the show.

🤝 VSHOW, with over 14 years of experience, stands out as a leader in stage lighting production, offering a diverse range of high-quality products.

VSHOW products are sold in over 100 countries around the world and gain a good reputation from their numerous customers.

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3W Laser lighting
3W Laser
Tube colorful tube lights
Tube colorful tube lights
Battry light
Battry light
T911disco moving head light
T911 Disco moving head light
Spark machine+smoke machine
Spark machine+smoke machine
Spin spark machine with double spray 1300W
Spin spark machine with double spray 1300W
S718 Stage moving head light
S718 stage laser lighting
S718 Stage laser lighting

What are people saying about VShow?

Our dedication to customer satisfaction extends worldwide, as our products have been exported to numerous countries and are trusted and recognized by a diverse clientele.


Purchased VSHOW battery par, spark machine and so on

VSHOW is a great company, and I am a DJ in the United States. The products I need are suitable for small parties and the like.

VSHOW always provides me with many choices, and they also have warehouses in the United States that can be delivered quickly. They are also tax-free.

We have a great cooperation and will continue to cooperate with VSHOW in the future.

- A DJ from United States


Purchased VSHOW Buddha Profile moving heads, Splash7L moving head and so on

I am an Australian and our company mainly deals with engineering. Many of my projects require different products, and VSHOW can meet our needs. Sometimes our projects require hundreds of lamps, and VSHOW always delivers them to us quickly.

They often have a certain amount of inventory, so we are very satisfied with the delivery time. At the same time, the product quality is definitely unquestionable.

We have been cooperating for almost ten years, VSHOW is a great partner for us!

- From Australian


Purchased VSHOW Goku Hybrid LED,Pioneer beam light and so on

VSHOW always brings us many surprises.

I am a wholesaler from Germany, and due to fierce market competition, I am always looking for special and cost-effective products.

VSHOW has many self-developed private model products, which are not comparable in the market, so it is very beneficial for my sales.

I think I will continue to cooperate with VSHOW.

- Wholesaler from Germany


Purchased VSHOW 12*40W RGBW Zoom Moving Bar, aura moving head and so on

I am a bar owner from France. My bar requires some great stage lights at a good price.

VSHOW has warehouses in Europe, and my goods can be delivered quickly. It is also duty-free, which has saved me a lot of money.

With VSHOW's products, my bar has become incredibly lively.

- A bar owner from France

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