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Step into the world of stage lighting mastery with VSHOW's comprehensive guide to moving head lights. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, this article provides valuable insights and tips to enhance your stage lighting setup and captivate your audience.

About this item:

 √ DMX-8 Splitter is a DMX512 distribution amplifier It is specially designed for connection of DMX receivers (dimmers, Color changers, moving lights, etc.) in a star configuration

√ DMX-8 can surmount the restriction that single RS485 can only connect 32 sets of equipment

√ The multiple output optically isolated DMX512 distribution amplifiers have become necessary in many DMX512 systems

√ DMX-8 provides total electrical ground isolation between different branches of the star.This greatly reduces problems with ground loops

√ DMX-8 amplifies and refits the DMX signal, which makes the DMX data transmission more reliable.

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1. 8-way isolated DMX splitter output 

2. Fully compliant with DMX-512 (1990) specification

3. Inputs and outputs are true RS-485-rated 

 4. 3-pin XLR input and a passive loop through

5. Input isolated from outputs over 1000 volts

6. Outputs are isolated from each other over 1000VDC


rgbw moving head light
rgbw moving head light
stage laser lighting
stage laser lighting
Zoom Moving Wash Light
Zoom Moving Wash Light
moving head led beam
moving head led beam
Stage Effect Machine
Stage Effect Machine
stage wash lighting
stage wash lighting

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