• Why is stage lighting used more and more widely?

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the modern development level of lighting technology is improving day by day. The innovative development of stage lighting technology provides a favorable opportunity. The strong light of red light, wine and strong music release more pressure for people and enjoy good visual effects.

  • Where can our lights apply?

It can be used in large and small occasions and events. For example, a concert , bars, Wedding party ,restaurants and parks can be used to meet your needs in every venue.

  • Examples of light application.
  • In the Concert

  • In the wedding party

  • In the bars


  • At a Halloween party


  • In the parks


  • Why choose V-Show ?

The lighting equipment of the site depends on the precision of the lamp configuration rather than the large quantity. It needs to be comprehensively selected according to the actual situation and budget. Lighting equipment plays its role in creating effects and lighting, and jointly creates colorful and multifunctional lighting effects in the banquet hall. Come and choose V-Show, V-Show lights can meet your needs.




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