5 Important Types Of Stage Lights That You Should Know!

You might have seen various types of colorful lights at various events. Different types of lights play an important role whenever you attend a stage event, dance, opera, and other performance art. Stage lighting is the craft of lighting. Its major purpose is to illuminate the person on the stage so that the audience can clearly see what is happening on the stage.

No doubt, lights play a crucial role in making any event successful or flop. Also, different types of stage lights are employed according to the event. Therefore, in this article, we will conclude 5 important stage lights manufactured and supplied to retailers by our company. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our topic:

1. Studio LED lights:

Studio LED lights consist of small bulbs of lights that use high energy light emitting diodes and give soft, gentle, diffused light. The emitted light is suitable for the stage. Also, you can use it for video or other photography.

2. Moving headlight:

Such headlights are designed with rotational mechanisms that allow beams of light to be cast around your venue. You might have absorbed such lights at opera halls. Or at such places where the person is moving on the stage, and the shadow of light is constantly on it.

3. LED bar light:

LED bar lights or light-emitting bar lights are rows of glowing LED lights. They provide peering, wider, brighter beams of light. A common example of LED bar lights that can be found in our daily use is the lights employed in some cars. They are a good option for any entertainment or other events. Furthermore, they are also very useful for night driving, security beams, emergency signalers, etc.

4. LED par lights:

Last but not least, LED par lights, aka “light emitting diode parabolic aluminized reflector lights,” are highly preferred in any event. They have a reflector, lamp, and pressed lens inside the lamp to provide directional lighting. Such lights have a shorter body than BR light bulbs with a bowl shape.

5. Laser light:

There is no need to define laser lights because all of us are well-known for this type of lighting equipment. Laser lights are extremely powerful and a good option for open-air festivals, indoor concert halls, or arenas. The laser lights can create the effect of a larger stage area so that more of the audience can feel involved.

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