What material do we need to create a good stage lighting design?

Imagine a theater, musical, or dance show. Imagine if in the theater, big or small. You feel the atmosphere pass through your body, almost vibrating… for the scene you are imagining now, dim the lights and shine a cold, impersonal white light on it.

This is the key to why stage lighting equipment is so important in all kinds of shows. This is definitely one of the items that we can’t create magic.

What materials do you need to create a good stage lighting design?

The lighting equipment we have are essential to the creation of our stage lights.

What factors may be necessary when starting a lighting design plan?

  • Tracking cannon:

You can instruct them to emphasize the elements and characters in the scene. It can be a robot system that performs automatic tracking.

  • Basic lighting:

A series of suspended spotlights that surround the stage can be filtered to change color and hue to your liking. Just a few years ago it was a white light projector with color filters, but today most of this type of equipment uses LED technology and can be used in any color.

  • Moving head focus:

This is essential for concerts and venues, such as movement, color changes, gobos (custom shaped patterns such as logos and patterns), and effects such as strobes.

  • Terrestrial reflector:

Asymmetrically illuminates from the side of the stage or from the front of the stage, illuminating a wide area.

  • Stroboscope:

It is ideal not only for concerts but also to create the atmosphere of theaters and dance performances.

  • Special projectors for theaters:

You can manually set the zoom position without moving the light source, and the built-in petals allow you to cut the rays, so they don’t “dirty” any part of the scene.

  • Lighting control:

It is usually a console with some potentiometers and buttons to program the memory that can be activated during the show. These systems are usually computers with USB devices that act as a link between the control software and the lighting projector itself.

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