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  • DP08

    8 ways DMX distributor/amplifier
    Input voltage: AC90V~240V, 50Hz / 60Hz
    Digital signal type: DMX512, and the digital signal transmitted by RS-485 interface
    1 signal input, 1 direct signal output (there is electrical isolation between the signal input and the direct signal)
     8 ports DMX signal output with electrical isolation
    Interface type: RS-485
    Signal connection port: input XLR-3-M, output XLR-3-F
    Electrical isolation withstand voltage from input to output: >AC300V
    Size: 48.5x12.5x5CM
    Weight: 1.6KG

    DMX-8 signal splitter is specialize in distributing and amplifying the DMX512 signal to output in 8ways.Adopting high voltage isolation technology in each input port ,it’s suitable for amplifying the DMX512 signal after the long distance transmission and where need complete electrical isolation between in-output interface with output interface .Due to between the input and the output are completely isolated, so it can avoid burning the precision digital DMX controllers from the control cable broken in the lighting equipment and dimmer pack to ensure the safely running. At the same time, it also can be sure that there is the enough strong signal transmitted to every lighting equipment so that advanced the reliability of the whole lighting controlling system.

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  • DP08