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  • ST36G

    Outdoor Strobe LED 630W
    Input voltage: AC110-240V 50 / 60Hz
    LED light source: 504 PCS*0.5W RGB 3IN1 SMD+126*3W White 
    Power: 630W
    Channel mode: 12/54 / 117CH
    Control mode: DMX512, master/slave, self-propelled, voice control
    Dimming mode: linear dimming
    Projection angle: 120°
    In DMX512 mode, it can be divided into 36 segments to independently control 504PCS 0.5W 5050 LED RGB monochrome effects
    Waterproof rating: IP65
    Net weight: 13.5KG
    Light size: 64x12x34cm
    Features: Built-in 59 rich effect programs, built-in 60 graphics (numbers, English letters and symbols, etc.)
    Can be divided into 36 sections to independently control 504 0.5W 5050 LED RGB three colors, that is, professional strobe light, can also be used as a flood light, that is to highlight the flash effect, up to 10KHz dimming refresh PWM frequency, camera shooting without flicker . When the floodlight is used, the projection area is large, the distance is long, the brightness is high, the self-propelled mode with voice control effect, the voice control effect is very good
    Temperature protection function: the power is reduced from 65° to 75° and 50%, and the power is reduced by 5% for every 1° increase

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  • ST36G