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  • ST80G

    Waterproof Strobe LED 560W
    Input voltage: AC110-240V 50 / 60Hz
    LED light source: 1120pcs*0.5W RGB 3in1 SMD 5050 LED high-brightness lamp beads
    Power: 560W
    Channel mode: 10/87/240/247CH
    Control mode: DMX512, master/slave, self-propelled, voice control
    Dimming mode: linear dimming
    In DMX512 mode, it can be divided into 80 segments to independently control RGB single color effect
    Waterproof rating: IP65
    NW: 13.2KG
    Lighting size: 64x12x34cm
    Features: Built-in 59 rich effect programs, built-in 60 graphics (numbers, English letters and symbols, etc.)
    Can be divided into 80 sections to independently control RGB three colors, that is, strobe light, can also be used as a flood light, large projection area, long distance, high brightness, self-propelled mode with sound control effect, sound control effect is very good, up to 10KHz adjustment Light refreshing PWM frequency, no flicker in camera shooting

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  • ST80G