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  • PL0402

    LED Audience light 0402 
    Voltage: AC100-230V 50-60HZ
    light source: 200W CW/WW 2in1 color
    CT: 3000K/6500K
    CRI: 95
    Channel Channel: 2/8/12CH
    Lens angle:12°24°36°Optional
    Control mode: DMX512 Master-slave Auto Voice control
    Dimming: linear dimming
    Maximum ambient temperature: <40°
    Maximum surface temperature: <85°
    N.W: 3.3 KG
    Fixture size:27.5x20.5x23.5CM 

    It has the advantages of small size, light weight, good optical effect, pure color temperature, uniform spot, wide spreading area, monochromatic temperature can be bright as a whole, free switching, and monochromatic temperature control point by point, signal status indication; high-efficiency constant current drive, Linear dimming, no flicker; built-in stroboscopic, master-slave working mode; super brightness and super long projection distance; smooth dimming; automatic identification of slaves, hand in hand power signal, convenient and fast

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  • PL0402